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Co-Curricular Record Request Form

Tell us about your opportunity.

If your opportunity consists of different student positions, please fill out a form for each position requested.

1. Term Completed: This is the term where you will wrap up your opportunity.


2. Category: Please select ONE of the categories that your opportunity falls under.

Student Governence
Leadership and Development Programs
On Campus Engagement and Leadership Opportunities (Volunteer)
On Campus Engagement and Leadership Opportunities (Paid or Honourarium)

3. Department: The department or faculty that the opportunity is attached to. Please include the full and official name.
4. Program: The title of the program the position is attached to. Please include the full program name. Do not use acronyms or terminology specific to SFU.
5. Position Title: The name of the role or title of the student-help position.
6. Start Date: The start date of the opportunity in format (mm/dd/yyyy).
7. End Date: The end date of the opportunity in format (mm/dd/yyyy).
8. Position Description:
Less than 75 words 1-2 sentences about the program
Past tense and third person 1-2 sentences about what the students did, skills they used, and impact they had on the program
Paragraph form

9. Average time commitment: The average number of hours based on the start and end date.
10. Cost to participate in the opportunity: If applicable.
11. Do students in this position receive pay or an honourarium?


12. When does recruitment generally occur for your opportunity? Should be a range of weeks/months each year when you usually recruit for student.
13. Learning Outcomes: Identify at least 2 learning outcomes. These may start with an action verb that specifies the learning expected; be concice and clear; describes what the students should know or be able to do by the end of this role

Primary Staff Contact Information

1. Name:
2. Job Title:
3. Department / Faculty:
4. SFU Email:
5. Phone Number:
6. Website:


Additional Notes: